eDrilling establishes eDrilling Research

eDrilling is thrilled to announce today that it has established eDrilling Research.

As the Energy industry is the taking the environmental challenge head on and need technologies that not only help them reach their safety and operational objectives, but also the all-important environmental and sustainability goals, eDrilling is establishing eDrilling Research. eDrilling Research will consolidate eDrilling’s broad range of research and development efforts.

The energy industry is at a crossroads, and its legacy products and services cannot deliver either on the environmental, nor the sustainability and NWOW (new way of working) shift we are currently experiencing. eDrilling’s main focus in this inaugural period is consolidate and accelerate its research on disruptive technologies and products within the area of significantly reducing both operational and embodied carbon in well construction and drilling operations. Finally, eDrilling Research will work with research and academic institutions to pursue new product innovation and fundamental applied research to meet the sustainability and new way of work objectives of the energy industry.

“Our success has always been and is based on our ability to create game changing products and services for our customers,” adds Sven Inge Ødegaard, our COO and Head of eDrilling Research. “Our world leading AI software have for two decades helped E&P companies globally drill wells safer, cheaper, and more efficient. Now we have to make these technologies available in this new reality.”

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