Automated Drilling Control

Utilizing the same artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies in wellAhead, integrated with the rig’s Drilling Control System, our automated drilling control software will help keeping the operational parameters according to well limits. Enabling drillers to increase safety and optimize the performance of drilling operations.

Drilling Plan Optimization

Using dynamic simulations to provide accurate modelling, our wellPlanner™ addresses the industry’s need to improve safety margins and reduce and rid themselves of risk, as well as the need to drastically reduce well planning time.


Drill Well in Simulator

wellSim™ is the software product family for engineering and training of all well engineering disciplines. By improving insight and understanding of dynamic well behavior, it has the potential to change the ways you plan and drill your complex wells.

Automated Monitoring and Real Time Optimization

wəllAhead™ is eDrilling's software solution for automated monitoring, real-time optimization, and live well support. It is designed for use on rig, in Real Time Decision Support Centers, and for any other individual or teams supporting live drilling operations. It is also the foundation of any viable rig-side automation


Dynamic Well Control

wellWCA is our solution for dynamic well control engineering for planning and operations. It helps you minimize downtime and make the right decisions, by providing design and implementation of a safe and effective well control operation.

Real-Time Managed Pressure Drilling

Our wellBalance™ improves any MPD control system to better keep a constant bottom hole pressure during MPD-operations and perform planning with an offline model. wellBalance™ provides real-time set points to the MPD control system, based on dynamic real-time simulation, calibrated against downhole measurements. It is complemented with an offline simulation tool, wellBalance™ Offline, to use…