How our AI solutions help our customers achieve their desired outcomes

Customer Success, isn’t it just another word for customer service?

–  No, not at all. Customer success is when our customers achieve their desired outcomes with the appropriate experience.  Which cannot be achieved if it does not include product development, service delivery, support, sales, and marketing.  Hence it is a way of doing business.

Where the entire organization is focused on the customers, and how the customers can succeed.  In short, it is a company-wide objective to become experts in the customer’s business, helping customers to achieve business outcomes and derive more value from their investment

When you talk about the desired outcomes of your customers – what do you mean?  Is it not a little vague?

–  Well, it is in our DNA to work with safety, e.g., avoiding hazardous incidents, as goal number one.  However, we find that our customers have a broad set of objectives, which also differs greatly from customer to customer, as well as between the various constituencies within these organizations.

In general, you could say that our software results in greener, safer, and more efficient operations. For example, an important outcome of leveraging eDrilling is spending less time per well, addressing the overarching desire of most energy companies for greener and more efficient operations.  Similarly, enabling owners and customers of “old” rigs and equipment, with legacy systems, to take advantage of these technologies using existing infrastructure, address the all-important sustainability and carbon emission goals of the industry.


Many.  Just this past month we helped one customer shave 46,5% off their drilling time, aided another to avoid a wiper run, and prevented a stuck pipe on a third. 

As for the latter, we have yet to calculate the tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) savings per rig by removing the need for the energy locked into new build materials and manufacturing. But it is mind-boggling…

An individual drilling engineer though, perhaps define his or her success as delivering an accurate drilling plan, with increased collaboration with the subsurface.  A driller would define making better and informed decisions as success.

An IT professional will probably define secure, scalable, interoperable and user-friendly solutions as a win.  Hence, we aim to understand in depth the various challenges and experiences and improve them.

Finally, the digital transformation of the energy industry is in the midst of calls for cloud solutions to enable people around the organization to make better decisions based on data always made available and actionable everywhere.  At the same time, other scenarios call for the same solutions, the same technologies, to be available at the “edge” – closer to the location in laymen’s terms – to improve response times and save or make up for lack of bandwidth. Thus, we do both. 

eDrilling just launched their solution for Autonomous Drilling Control – is this the end game?

Whilst it used to be seen as a “holy grail”, it is no longer.  Of course, it is a no-brainer for new builds and rigs with the latest in control systems.  And our world leading AI-software is powering these solutions.  However, most fields and installations do not have this readily available.

We think it is equally, if not more, important to offer the same technologies, and consequently the same benefits, to customers, teams, crews, and individuals on all wells.  Zero incidents, zero sidetracks, and performance records should be attainable for all.

Our customers see this as our biggest breakthrough.  Extending field life, meeting carbon emission goals, and making real progress vs just greenwashing.

Millennials and Generation Z would rather own one quality t-shirt than having a stack of twenty.  They’d rather reuse their favorite pair of jeans, than filling their drawers with pants.  I am not sure their career goal is to join companies whose business models and practices do not put ESG front and center.

The energy industry agenda is now indisputably green.  And eDrilling is rejoicing it.

eDrilling launches wəllPlanner™ Microservices

eDrilling is proud to announce that we now offer our wəllPlanner™ tool as microservices. wəllPlanner™ is our planning tool for drilling and well construction operations, focusing on increasing the quality of well engineering simulations. Accurate drilling parameters are selected for safe and efficient operations- by using advanced dynamic transient models, the software will help reduce uncertainties in well planning, non-productive time as well as cost.

wəllPlanner microservices allows for an instant upgrade to legacy well planning and design systems. It complements the existing in-house programs for expediated planning process allowing the drilling teams to focus on higher value activities. It is based on OpenAPI specification enabling easy integration and improvement of the existing workflow as microservices without having to replace existing systems.

Some of the key benefits of wəllPlanner™ microservices are:

  • OpenAPI specification as RESTful HTTP API for ease of integration as external modules
  • Scalable solution allowing for running simultaneous multiple simulations
  • Augments and extends the value of existing software

wəllPlanner™ has applications across drilling activities such as tripping with dynamic surge and swab evaluation, cementing, liner running, milling, screen running, HPHT, ERD, MPD, DGD and pressurized mud cap drilling.

The microservices is offered as two modules allowing the client to choose based on their requirements.:

  1. Dynamic simulations for hydraulics and temperature which includes – Multiphase flow, Static and dynamic density, Pressure and flow, Temperature, Rheology of different fluid, Frictional pressure loss, Cuttings load and transport in the annulus, Pit gain


  1. Torque and drag which includes – WOB from hook load or vice versa, TOB from surface torque or vice versa, Axial and rotational friction factors, Bit depth corrections due to string elasticity, buoyancy, pump rates and pressure, Well depth, Rotational speed and block speed, Drag forces, Nozzle pulse


eDrilling is a world leading supplier of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics solutions to the oil and gas industry. Working closely with E&P companies, operators, and service companies, eDrilling helps them save cost, improve safety, increase efficiency, and sustainability of drilling operations.



Black Friday – Free Replay

Black Friday, and Black Week is fortunately not only about electronics bargains and the like.  This year we have an exclusive AI offering for our customers – a free replay of a well.

It is the next best thing to using AI on a live well, and it will convince doubters and naysayers.

Please contact our Kenza Lahlou to get started. You will reach her on


Hurry, offer ends Friday.


eDrilling is hiring for drilling analysts in Jakarta, Indonesia

eDrilling is hiring for drilling analysts in Jakarta, Indonesia. To be part of our 24/7 Drilling Advisory Services team, helping energy professionals better plan, prepare for, and perform drilling operations. With adoption of AI, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics in drilling operations at a tipping point, this is a great time to join one of the energy industry’s most innovative companies.

If you are interested, please apply here

What you will do

First and foremost, you will become a trusted drilling advisor to our current and future customers around the world. As part of our 24/7 Drilling Advisory Services team, you will help energy professionals better plan, prepare for, and perform drilling operations.  

Your responsibilities will be

– Real time optimization of drilling operations (drilling, tripping, liner running, casing, etc), using eDrilling’s AI and predictive analytics software (forecasting simulations, forward looking simulation, what-if simulations)

– Automated monitoring of drilling operations, using eDrilling software to help prevent downhole problems and non-productive time (i.e. stuck pipe, pack off, well-bore instability, losses, surge/swab, washout, influx, etc.)

– Provision of daily drilling optimization reports, and forecasting

– Communication with customers, well site representative(s), rig crew, service companies, etc.

– First line implementation, service, and support (configuration, troubleshooting, etc)

Who you are

You are passionate about customers, technology, and drillng (in that order) as an enabler for safer and more efficient drilling operations. You are organized and methodical in your approach, and have the “discipline” of working and communicating with drillers, drilling engineers, and software developers.  Last, but not least, you understand and get excited by innovations in drilling including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital twins.

Drilling Automation – The Holy Grail

eDrilling presented wellADC – our Drilling Automation software solution – at the IADC Digital Wells Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, last week. We shared how our customers have implemented artificial intelligence and digitalized their operations with reduced costs and significant productivity gains in return. Using, wellAhead, the foundation of any viable rig-side automation, they rid their drilling operation of downtime and hazardouz incidents, whilst optimizing performance.

“AI, predictive analytics, predictive analytics, and digital twins represent the biggest opportunity available today for performance optimization, avoidance of NPT, and hazard prevention.” Derek Nadhan, eDrilling

In addition, we participated in a Panel discussing Intelligence Driven Operational Performance Improvements. On how energy industry must continue to adapt to new technology and allow for the changes to improve traditional business decision making. The overall event focused on the industry’s need to continuously identify and develop new technologies in addressing those evolving challenges with achieving cost and operational efficiencies, sustainability and meeting stakeholder expectations.

eDrilling is a world leading supplier of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics solutions to the oil and gas industry.  We work closely with E&P companies, operators, and service companies to help them save cost, improve safety, and increase efficiency of drilling operations.

Our mission is to help energy professionals at E&P companies, operators and service companies reach their goals by providing drilling and well performance solutions needed to better plan, prepare for, perform and evaluate drilling operations. 

Our vision dates back to the late 1980s, when we wanted to create a downhole GPS, or Google Maps if you like, for drilling operations. Convinced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies would represent a quantum leap in well construction, we set forth what has become a paradigm shift in the oil and gas industry. For over 25 years, leading E&P companies, service companies, and drilling contractors, have leveraged the power of these technologies to improve drilling performance, onshore and offshore, deep water and shallow water, complex wells and factory drilling. Globally.

Hazard prevention

Prior to operations, eDrilling provides you with software to acquire skills and experience on you specific upcoming well, focusing on riskavoidance and handling. During operations, eDrilling software at a very early stage detects anomalies, crews are provided diagnostics messages and notifications in good time to make the necessary adjustments.

Performance optimization

Our software provides forecasting, forward-looking and what-if analysis, allowing for change in parameters for optimal drilling (drilling the perfect well).

NPT avoidance

As above, eDrilling uses aritifical intelligence and predictive analytics to foresee what will happen with your well. Software provides diagnostics and first actions to the crew (or directly to the control system), in order to change the drilling plan – to avoid problems